speech_a   A veritable treasure trove of Salcombe's maritime past...   speech_b
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The harder you search the more you will find in this friendly little museum...... A treasure trove of models, paintings, photographs and artefacts which tell the story of Salcombe’s links with ships and the sea from ancient times to the Second World War.

There is plenty to amuse and engage younger visitors including hands-on displays, models and pirates’ treasure, in the ‘young sailors’ corner’.

The Museum has a unique gallery of paintings depicting the famed racing fruit schooners built in Salcombe during the 19th century.

Today Salcombe is a fashionable yachting centre but traditional boatbuilding crafts are still carried on in the town and the Museum houses an impressive collection of tools that tell the story of these maritime trades.

Finally, don’t miss the sea-bed treasures recovered by divers from the hundreds of shipwrecks that line our coast.
10.30am - 12.30pm
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Market Street (below the Salcombe Information Centre)
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